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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  December 7, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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here as well as all across the country could starting with adam caskey in the weather center. >> it is very damp around here. we expect the rain to pick up and become a little more widespread into the afternoon and evening hours, just in time for the evening rush hour. our biggest concern in the washington metro area, even of the 95 corridor, is not the change-over to snow later tonight. it is the bijan for flooding. we have had to 1.5 inches of rain in some spots, and we will add to that later today. widespread rain it right now. some locations here and there, a baltimore county howard county prince george's county. heavier rain is expected as the area of low pressure to our south intensifies. flood watch in effect for the metro area and some hoynes west of the valley. a winter weather advisory north and west of the district. i will let you know how much snow and where also win, coming
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up. >> important information. we will see you in a little bit. in our area, the rain is translating into problems on the roads. some are hoping it find a certain feeling like winter around here. let's get more. >> rain is falling across our area and this could just be the beginning. >> we're getting closer to christmas. it would be great to have a white blanket on the ground. >> there is plenty of it in other parts of the country. across the southwest interstates were shut down schools closed. snow-dusted mountain tops and icy runways turned the morning rush hour into eight treacherous trek. >> we do not see this very often. >> i and new mexico, temperatures dropped into the single digits, almost 30 degrees below average. >> definitely below freezing. >> i need another sweater. >> this last winter weather is making a slow march across the country. rain is the big story in our region but for most of the day
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but as night falls, some areas in high elevations could see snow this same storms that caused these problems thousands of miles away is already causing problems right here at home. this afternoon d.c. public works had to shuffle traffic in northwest because of standing water. while the first day of winter is not for another two weeks, many are hoping whatever we do get is here to stay. >> this is the first day i probably a week i have had to wear a coat. it is about time. >> there is a winter weather advisory for several counties across our region. starting tonight at 7:00 some of those counties include frederick, montgomery, and loudoun counties. of course, this storm is expected not only to impact our area but several states up and down the east coast, all the way north to new england. abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. a local doctor charged with sexually assaulting some of his
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patients dodged jail time. the judge sentenced dr. nizar hussain late this morning to a suspended sentence. now angry victims are speaking out. our reporters outside the courthouse in manassas with the latest. >> that suspended sentence from a 12 months in prison. but because it is a suspended sentence if she -- if he shows the behavior and has no contact with victims he could end up serving time in jail. the victim burst into tears in the courtroom. they are not happy with the justice system. >> it did not serve us, and i am not happy. i am very angry. >> another took the stand during the hearing, telling the judge she trusted dr. nizar hussain and he prayed on her. she says she does not sleep and is said to her stomach. while she severed, he will walk out and put it behind him. at least that he was in prison he would be trapped like she is, she says. they would not comment on that they plan to file civil suits. >> if there's anyone else out
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there that needed to come forward, they should. >> but the judge said dr. nizar hussain had already lost a lot specifically his license. he had a total of 12 accusers, all patients. at least four of which say he touched them in a sexual and inappropriate manner. many say he kissed them on the mouth. he practiced in woodbridge. >> i have had nightmares. i have had outburst. therapy, i go once a week. >> in the past, some of his patients have come to his defense. one woman wrote a letter of lodging for his character and questioning the motives of his accusers. >> dr. nizar hussain did not say a word throughout the hearing and his attorneys and neither one of them has any comment. he pled no contest. abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. we're falling breaking news and the child sex abuse investigation at syracuse university. a new york prosecutor says he
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cannot file charges against former assistant basketball coach bernie fine, even though he finds two accusers credible. two former ball boreas accused bernie fine of sexually abusing them. the district attorney says the accusations happened to long ago to be prosecuted. a federal investigation is still under way. investigators are still trying to determine what sparked a fire that raced through a montgomery county home. take a look. flames broke out just before 2:00 a.m. this morning at a home in takoma park. the residue was taken to the hospital. details on his condition not available. the fire cost about $400,000 in damage. a teenage will hospitalized in silver spring after being stabbed at following a violent fight at a local high school. it happened after bass boat -- basketball game at northwood high school. the violence left students shaken. >> a 70-year-old mike barry
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kunduz did it is recovering today after being stabbed multiple times outside a local high school -- a 17-year-old montgomery county students is recovering today. it happened around 9:00 p.m. tuesday at 3 northwood high school basketball game. according to police, the victim was a student at mike embley -- who was a student at montgomery blair intervened when she noticed her friend was in a fight with another girl. >> apparently the fight was out here in the parking lot. this is where the student was stabbed. >> it was just a game. >> it is really sad. northwood is a great school. there are hardly any fights. >> the victim was taken to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. investigators are now looking for two female suspects, both believed to be students at kennedy high school. many students just learning what happened this morning, in their surprise, adding that this is the place they feel safe. >> not at northwood. >> anyone with information is
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asked to call police. in silver spring, bring in carter abc 7 news. >> we also have more breaking news. students in garrett county public schools will be dismissed one hour early today. this is because of concerns about the weather. we will have any school closings or delays for tomorrow morning on good morning washington beginning at 4:30 a.m. investigators have identified a pair of a purse snatchers conte but a local mall. the loudoun county sheriff's marcus public office says the 26-year-old and 25-year-old or the suspects that you will see in the surveillance video from a november 30 robbery. you're looking at the parking lot of the dulles crossing plaza. a woman is loading items into her car. you can see that a truck drives by. it bombs are shopping cart and the driver reach out of the window and grabbed the victim's purse from the cart. investigators have warrants for
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a rest of the two men. protesters are planning k street to k today as part of a day of action. demonstrators from occupy d.c. and take back the capital movement. the march could cause traffic problems throughout the area. new at noon today no one will face charges in the death of a george washington university graduate student and an army veteran. patrick casey fell and hit his head after a confrontation. it was outside in northwest washington mcdonald's in september. he died at the local hospital from head injuries to the district attorney's office determined there is not enough evidence to pursue criminal charges. surry oppose the government has been trying to crush an uprising for months. -- syria's government has been trying to crush an uprising for months. the syrian president gave an interview could -- to barbara walters. bashar assad tried to distance
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himself from the bloodshed. >> and do you think figure forces cracked down to hard? >> no, not my forces. i do not own them peter i am president. i do not own the country. >> the opposition posted amateur video on facebook and you do. they say the images show syrian security forces killing peaceful protesters. assad says his forces are fighting militants, terrorists and drug smugglers. officials at one american was among those killed and a deadly suicide bombing in afghanistan. the bomber blew himself up in a shiite shrine yesterday. it killed 56 people shiite vehicles procession that nearly the same time also left four people killed. it is the first major sectarian attack in afghanistan in recent memory. afghanistan's president says the attack came from pakistan. a va lobbyist accused of
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taking money from pakistan's spy agency is accused -- will face federal charges today. there was supposedly an independent lobby group. prosecutors say he never reported the millions of dollars he received from pakistani intelligence. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, a day that changed the course of history. survivors remember pearl harbor seven decades later. then a major decision for the morning after pill. should young teenage girls be able to buy it without a prescription? hackers should lead to security flaw in facebook by targeting the founder himself. we will have all that, an atom
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>> ceremonies will be held today to remember pearl harbor 70 years later. nearly 2400 americans were killed when japanese warplanes attacked pearl harbor hawaii. the bombing came as a surprise early on a sunday morning plunging america into world war ii. the memories of that day are etched into the minds of these survivors. >> it was just a tremendous amount of explosions. then the smoke. later on the fire on top of the water. >> i was so shocked. i do not really have much of a feeling. afterwards, it haunted me. >> this ceremony will be held this afternoon at the world war ii memorial, honoring the thousands who lost their lives. police are clearing out
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protesters in san francisco. officers moved in early this morning to tear down more than 100 tents as the dismantle the two-month old occupy san francisco in canada. the raid began at about 2:00 a.m. dozens of protesters were under arrest. one officer was hit in the face with a chair but he was wearing a face shield and was not injured. rod blagoyovich told a judge she made terrible mistakes and is unbelievably sorry. the former illinois governor spoke moments ago at the sentencing hearing. now he is waiting to learn his fate after being convicted on 18 counts of corruption including trying to sell barack obama's old senate seat. the defense attorneys as blagoyovich does not deserve the 20-year sentence that the government wants. 7 is on your side with a major decision we are expected today on the morning after pill. the fda will decide whether teenagers under the age of 17 can get the plan b morning after pill without a prescription.
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it prevents pregnancy if taken soon after unprotected sex. if the fda degrees, plan b to move from behind the counter to drugstore shelves. our question today what do you think about this -- should teens be able to get the morning after pill without parental consent? we invite you to weigh in on our facebook poll. we will have the results tonight at 5:00. facebook is dealing with its latest security glitch after someone hacked into the private photographs of the facebook founder, mark zuckerberg. his photographs were leaked onto the inner debt. they were originally posted to a bodybuilding forum. it lets other people view users recently unloaded photographs by flagging them as inappropriate. facebook says the glitch was part of a new feature which has since been disabled. we're on storm watch today watching wet weather and the potential for snow. what is the latest? >> the biggest threat for us locally, along the beltway in metro area is flooding.
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that is the biggest threat, of course. but we will talk about the snow also. still on the warm side at this time. 55 right now. 50 in the district. 519 letson -- lexington park. the cold front is moving through. everybody's temperatures will gradually drop over the next couple of hours, and this evening that will sharply drop as the colder air really moves into town. here is live triple doppler seven. the rain is generally moving from the southwest to northeast. it is just the bright green color. may light rain. we had had your downpours earlier this morning but none of locally this time. but some of to the northwest. there were some at this 958 interchange. even along the 70. but heavier showers are expected even locally, later on today. they developed two hours southwest, southwestern virginia and central virginia, and they
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will move to fort -- moving to washington. the timing is around the evening rush hour and thereafter. here is our atmospheric set up. i want to point out this snow as far south as alabama and mississippi. what is causing this snow and the rain in parts of tennessee -- that is some of our level energy. this is the typical setup that we see all the time. it will move over head this weak area of low pressure. it is weak right now, but as it interacts with the upper level activity causing the presentation that will strengthen and intensify that system as it moves of the eastern seaboard. that will enhance our rainfall. with cooler air in place give us the change over to snow right around 11:00 p.m. locally. from about 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. in the metro area, that is when we can expect a change over from the rain into the wet snow.
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but ground temperatures are still very warm, so it will be tough to accumulate anything. it will happen earlier on in the northwest of the metro area. northwest is where we will have the accumulation. one to two inches in parts of northern montgomery county. keep in mind elevation is everything with this snow event tonight. the higher york the more snow you're going to get. kind of like that snowstorm right before halloween. elevation is critical. along the blue ridge, and to even 7 inches of snow at 1,500 feet or higher. damascus 800 + feet, you could see 3 inches to four inches. keep that in mind. elevation really counts. sonny tomorrow mid-40s. looking good into the weekend. >> we will see you in a little bit. coming up, the tarmac dustup. an actor was tossed from a cross-country flights, and he followed it with eight twitter
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tirade. it is a game that was behind all this. >> caught on tape, one student bullied by her own teachers. could this happen
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♪ >> alec baldwin was kicked off a flight to new york yesterday all because of a game that he was playing on his cell phone. he did not comment on the incident when he arrived in new york this morning, but he was apparently removed from an earlier flight when he refused to stop playing words with friends. this after flight attendants
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apparently asked him to turn off this fund. former boxing champion oscar de la hoya was on the flight and give support to alec baldwin. >> he was turning off his devices and he just got a little angry. >> american airlines tweeted that flight attendants were falling federal safety procedures on electronic devices when the aircraft door is closed. you have to check this out. an experiment that went bust for a reality show. they were measuring the speed of projectiles fired from a cannon. the problem is, the can and missed the target. look at this bill is passed through concrete wall, into a home. the cannibal shot across the bedroom, across a sleeping couple, and then out of the home. it led the 10-inch hole. it then hit a neighbor's roof and smashed into another neighbor's minivan. no one was hurt. the sheriff's office says the show does have insurance for those kinds of things. i can only a imagine how big
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that will be.
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if you're decorating, it is probably not out in the rain, but when you are done we want to see it. we're watching a buehrer holiday decoration contest. we invite you to submit your photographs at we're going to show some of the best decorations in talent beginning next week. thousands of service members
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are spending the holidays far from home this year, but one family of the best christmas present they could possibly ask for. ♪ >> we wish you a merry christmas -- ♪ >> oh, my god. >> mommy. >> how precious is that? a mother serving with the oklahoma national guard pulled off the perfect suppress, bursting out of that wrapped present right on her family's front porch. the sergeant has been and her children had no idea she was coming home from afghanistan. turns out she will be with her family for two weeks before heading back to the war zone just before christmas. ah nice to see that reunion. no surprise you have been warning us about the snow, potential flooding and the rain. >> potential flooding is the big story. a little bit of a sluggish local letter today. but great tomorrow and into the weekend, a beautiful really.
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we will have minor
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[captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] meredith: thank you. hi, guys. good luck. hello, everybody and welcome to "millionaire." with me today is a new mom to a 15-month-old baby boy. she's got to start building up that college fund, so from new york, everybody, please welcome nicole greevy. hi, nicole. mwah. pleasure to meet you. a new baby boy. >> he's awesome. meredith: how old is he now? >> he's 15 months. meredith: 15 months. name is griffin. >> griffin, yes.


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